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ACL Rehabilitation

Injuries to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
 are relatively common in sport, especially in 
Australian football, basketball, netball, soccer and alpine skiing. Historically, serious injuries to the ACL have prematurely halted sporting careers. However current surgical and rehabilitation practices enable most athletes with 
ACL injuries to resume regular sporting activities.

Our Rehabilitation follows four main phases; 

Phase 1 - recovery post injury/post surgery

Phase 2 - strengthening, balance and landing control

Phase 3 - Running, agility and higher level landing control

Phase 4 - Sports specific training and prevention


Our Physiotherapists follow a criteria based return to sports rehabilitation program, where periodic strength and performance testing is done to determine the appropriate time to move on to the next phase of rehabilitation. follow this link to see our patient information booklet outlining the rehabilitation process.  

We acknowledge that the rehabilitation of an ACL injury can be a long and often lonely time, because of this we have setup a private facebook group for people with ACL injuries. in this group we will be sharing the latest research on ACL rehabilitation and we encourage group members to share their stories and with tips and tricks to help others in their rehabiliation journey.  Follow this link to join the group

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