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Sports Injury Prevention

Sport is the backbone to regional communities, whether you play; soccer, football, netball, tennis touch rugby or any other group based sport, the benefits you get are enormous. physical fitness, mental health, sense of community belonging and self worth are just a few. When injuries strike, particularly major injuries, it can have a massive impact on your life.

I've titled this page Injury prevention as this is the term that is most commonly used. however, Injury minimisation is more to the point, we can't gaurantee prevention, however there are some great programs out there with heaps of reasearch behind them showing prevention of up 50% and sometimes more when camparing to normal training groups. 

The first of these injury programs was developed in 2006 for soccer FIFIA11+ from there there's been a number of other specific sports programs including: AFL footy first, AFLW prep to play and Netball KNEE program. the principles for all of these programs are the same. a warm up must include 4 componenets: dynamic movement tasks, strength, plyometrics and landing control. 

If you'd like us to put a warm-up injury prevention program together for your sport let us know

Soccer - Fifa11

Netball - KNEE program

AFL - Footy First

AFLW - Prep to Play

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