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Advantage Health


Our main clinic is located at 53 eigth st, Mildura in the Advantage Health Group building. With easy access and ample parking, our spacious and private treatment rooms, along with onsight gym facilities allows us to provide comprehensive consultations, individualised to suit your needs. 

The Advantage Health facility also provides access to Telehealth treatment opportunities and a conference space for community and group education and developement sessions. 


At Advanatage Health we work alongside; Sportsmed Orthopedic Surgeons, Jine Tee (Neurosurgeon), and Employer Health Solutions.

For further info head to the Advantage Health Group website




Mildura Waves

Our second clinic is located within the Mildura Waves complex on the corner of 12th Street and Deakin Avenue. It provides an ideal setting for physiotherapy services, with access to world class gym and pool facilities. There’s no better place in Mildura to get your health and well-being back on track.


Access to the Swimming facilities enables us to provide hydrotherapy in individual and group settings. See Hydrotherapy for further information.


The gymnasium allows us access to high quality equipment  for exercise prescription, enabling us to not only teach, but educate on performing the correct technique.


Within the Waves complex we have our own reception room giving you a relaxed private space to wait for your appointments. Our private treatment room has plenty of space and is equiped with everything you need for thorough physiotherapy assessment and treatment.

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