Why having a plan can make all the difference

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"

This quote is widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin, although has been adapted in many forms over the years, most with the same general message. Today we talk about planning i...

Delving into the perceived evils of 'bad' posture

When it comes to pain, particularly pain in the neck or back, the word posture usually isn't far behind. It is something which has been blamed for a lot of ills, and seems to carry a lot of weight on its (or your) should...

 Pain and imaging (MRI's, X-Rays, etc.) is, and probably always will be, a bit of a contentious issue. As knew and more accurate tests and scans become available, naturally it's felt that if you want to know what might be causing your symptoms that imaging is the best...

Managing muscle contusions

Last time on The Injury Report, we looked at ankle sprains, one of the most common injuries in sport. Today, we take a brief look at muscle contusions, another common injury in contact sports.

We'll look at what exactly they are and how they o...

Can the way we approach pain actually make it worse?

This post will look first and foremost at the relation between the placebo and nocebo effects, what it means for your health and pain, and how we can lessen the negative effects. The nocebo effect can have a significa...

Better early management for better long-term outcomes

‘The Injury Report’ will be a regular review of common injuries we see here in the clinic and how best to manage them. They won’t be step-by-step guides on how to conduct your own rehab, but a bit of a general overvi...

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