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Tennis injury information

and links to relevant resources


The purpose of this page is to give info to all tennis players regarding injury prevention and recovery post injury as well as provide links to some terrific handouts produced by the ITF and WTA along with other sources.


Physio's are most commonly seen as the TREATERS of musculoskeletal injuries, however we also have an important role in helping to PREVENT injuries.


There are a huge amount of tests which can identify; postural issues, lack of movement or weakness in muscles. Once issues are identified, we can implement appropriate; postural, stretching and strengthening exercises, to prevent you from missing out on valuable court time!


Common tennis issues include injuries to the; ankle, knee, back, abdomen, shoulder and wrist. Incorrect technique, failure to warm up and cool down, previous injury and over training can all lead to injuries while playing tennis. 


Here are some excellent rehab and injury prevention resources:


  • Here under the heading, 'Physically Speaking: Prevent Injuries' you will find some fantastic handouts, along with many other great resources. Here are some of the handouts I found useful:


    • Ace Your Game; identifying and evaluating possible injuries and and treat them before they happen

    • Get Back in the Swing; Information on back injuries

    • Ready to Play;  Information on the injury process and the road to recovery

    • Rest and Rally; Information on the importance of rest and recovery finding balance between training and recovery.

    • Stay Healthy with Mind Power; a great read on how staying positive and structuring your rehab and life can help to empower you with better health and better results

    • Tape it Good; information on taping types and why they are used

    • Victory is in the Bag; Information on how what you should carry and how you should carry it.

    • Your Health Your Actions; This is my favourite it's all about you and how you control your own destiny through, your attitude and commitment to learning and listening to your body.


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