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Hydrotherapy, also known as Aquatic Physiotherapy, is a form of treatment or rehabilitation, which consists of exercises carried out in a heated pool.

At Callahan Physiotherapy, a thorough clinical assessment will be undertaken, prior to commencement, to ensure that hydrotherapy is safe and appropriate for the individual.

A tailored program will then be set up to facilitate rehabilitation for the individual.

The initial few sessions of Hydrotherapy will be conducted on an individual basis, however once confident in the water and hydro exercises are understood, group hydrotherapy sessions are recommended.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy can include;

o Reduced pressure on weight bearing joints

o Improved range of movement in joints

o Relaxation and  increased muscle strength

0 Reduced swelling and pain relief

​0 Increased balance and coordination

Hydrotherapy can benefit people of all ages who suffer from any of the following issues; lower back pain, arthritis and other chronic conditions as well as rehabilitation for; post-surgery and stroke patients.

Hydrotherapy can also assist with the recovery of sport, work and motor vehicle related injuries, accidents and traumas.


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