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With the current restrictions in place, we are pleased to be able to offer TeleHealth consultations. These consultations will be in accordance with medical guidelines and provide a full physiotherapy assessment with one of our clinicians to assist in the diagnosis and management of your condition. In these uncertain times, we are encouraging all patients, where appropriate to consider online assessment to limit face to face interaction and adhere to recommendations from the Health Department.

These online appointments will provide increased follow-up via email and our exercise app to ensure effective management of your condition. Each new booking will be sent a questionnaire to gather as much information prior to the appointment to ensure that our service is as efficient and affective as possible.


What does a TeleHealth appointment look like?


Very similar to a regular appointments, which involves; a chat to determine the most likely cause of your issue, assessment of your movement, followed by education, advice and treatment including exercise prescription.


Potential difficulty with TeleHealth appointments?


The main difficulties that telehealth poses is the inability for us to physically assess and manually treat you. Although this poses some challenges, we have always believed that the most important part of our treatment is the education and advice that we give. Our hands on treatment (massage, mobilisation, manipulation etc), is good for relief but in a large percentage of clients it’s the advice and exercise progression that is the key for long-term positive outcomes. To try to overcome the issue of non-contact we will give you tips, where possible on ways that you can do these hands on techniques yourself.


What kind of things can I use TeleHealth for?


Many of the conditions that you would normally attend a physio clinic for can be assessed and managed via TeleHealth. Acute joint injuries (ankle, knee shoulder, etc), acute back and neck pain and many other musculoskeletal injuries can be efficiently assessed.


Is TeleHealth effective?


In a word, yes. Research has shown that TeleHealth assessments can be just as effective at face to face consultations in managing a wide range of conditions. For more information, visit the links below:

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